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Friday, August 29, 2008

如何在家練胸肌? 讓我來教你~

台灣男生做伏地挺身, 一直有一個很大的迷失, 就是喜歡拼次數 + 拼時間.
這些其實都是當兵時, 所接收到的不正確觀念.
常常聽到有人問: "你伏地挺身可以做幾下?", 答案有時候真的很誇張, 有人說說30,50, 150, 200等等.
錯的最離譜的就是說" 我可以在10分鐘做幾下幾下, 等等等.....

做伏地挺身, 最重要的是姿勢要正確 + 用極慢的速度來做.

伏地挺身下去的時候要花起碼兩秒, 上來也是兩秒. 身體向一條鋼鐵般的正直, 不能彎曲像隻香蕉.
做伏地挺身的時候, 雙手要握拳( 要墊軟墊以免受傷) , 這樣的目的是避免手腕受傷, 不過最好的是 用伏地挺身輔助器.

當你用正確的姿勢, 加上慢慢做. 做到後來, 你會非常累, 但是, 不能因為累, 就在姿勢上有任何妥協, 從頭到尾都要用正確的姿勢, 而且要慢慢做, 用作弊的方式, 就算做再多下, 也不會有人頒獎牌給你, 而且你也是在浪費你自己的時間而已.

當你能夠這樣做伏地挺身的時候, 就算你做的次數不多, 只做20下. 但是, 你的胸部將會很有感覺(很酸痛的感覺), 再搭配上補充高蛋白質的食物, 不用多久(大概最快2個月), 你就會有漂亮的胸肌了.

持之以恆, 你會發現你的胸肌開始可以跳動. 因為他們已經發達到一定的程度了.

當然, 在家練身體永遠會被一些人炮轟, 有人會說要請教練比較好啦~ 要去健身房啦~ 要用專業的器具啦~ 一大堆的.
好阿, 我去健身房練, 錢你幫我出好了... XD


我借用美國一位健身家的 照片 給大家參考


(以下參考資料 by scooby's home bodybuilding workouts )
First, the most important thing is using correct form. Depending on your strength, you will be doing pushups from your knees or your feet. It is better to use good form from your knees than bouncy, jerky form from your feet. All pushups are done slowly (2 seconds down and 2 seconds up) and your body is held rigid as a steel I beam. The pushups are done from fisted hands like you are punching the ground, this wrist position not only keeps you from hyper extending your wrists but allows you to get full range of motion on your pushup as it puts you 3" higher off the ground. Make sure to either do the pushups on a foam pad or a thick carpet to save your hands and knees. Toward the end of your workout you will get very tired, don't let your form suffer. Use the alternate pushup position if you cant do more than 5 pushups. Important on all these exercises is to keep your elbows and hands in front of the plane of your body, your shoulder is very unstable and prone to injury if you hyperextend it behind your torso. Shown below are two different hand positions for doing pushups, although they look similar they work completely different parts of your chest so do both of them. Your pectorals are a big muscle group and take a hard workout to make them grow but don't sacrifice form. You will get a more amazing pec pump from doing these simple pushups than you will from a heavy bench press.