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Wednesday, September 12, 2001

gsx1400 v.s. zrx1200 捉對廝殺

gsx1400 v.s. zrx1200 捉對廝殺
firstly let me let you all know i owned a GSX1400K5 & now own a ZRX1200R 06 , i am posting this comparison due to demand from other memebers of this site . it will be honest & unbiased :

GSX1400 =

the GSX 1400 is one awesome bike it has got IMO bucket loads of torque & will just pull like a raging bull , it handles very well for a bike its size & brakes are solid & strong , once dialled up the suspension & 46mm fork tubes offer good perfromance . the ride comfort is awesome , the styling is just class & leaves no doubt its a Muscle bike . the seating postion is upright & the wind can buffet the rider a bit , it does run out of breathe in the top rev's early & one could be wishing for a bit more HP , this shortcoming is made up for though with massive torque .
lean the GSX1400 into corners isnt a problem , but i'd remove the centre stand . the dials are modern (i prefer old school dials) the fuel range is exellent , the injection is o.k. but could use a PC111 & custom mapping .
overall i love the GSX1400 & will always hold the 14 in the highest regard , its a shame it is to be Axed ..


the ZRX1200R is a Eddie Lawson replica of the ELR 1983 kawasaki , it wears it war paint proudly . the engine is its focal point IMO it is water cooled & pumps out terrific power / response / torque , the ZRX is down a bit down on torque compared to the 14 . but more than makes up for it in HP , the zrx frame is thicker & braced / gusseted more heavily & flexes a lot less than the 14 . the brakes are equal to the 14 & the suspension is of similar spec , but the steering is alot sharper & more precise than the 14 . the ride comfort is equal to the 14 , the styling is a matter of opinion ( i love the look) , the dials are old school & the bike makes no appologies for being old school . the ZRX is a true muscle bike as is the 14 , very tough & bullet proof construction like the 14 . IMO the ZRX handles better & is alot more powerfull than the 14 & suits my ride style alot more , but the ZRX is a big bike just like the 14 . i purchased the ZRX due to its outright grunt / HP & larger rev range over the 14 , but the 14 holds its own in any company .

summary =

would i buy a 14 again "hell yeh" , only the ZRX is more suited to my riding . both bikes are Muscle bikes & offer a massive serving of grunt straight up , the ZRX1200R / GSX1400 are a real mans bike . they just got balls & power comes on like a fist to the face "RAW" unbridled grunt ..

"Long Live The Muscle Bikes"