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Monday, July 21, 2008


原文來源: gsx1400fe.com
翻譯: 油冷怪家族 小盧 (翻譯僅供參考, 如有錯誤概不負責)

GSX1400 Model Range 2002 - 2008

I've called this page the GSX1400 range 2002-2008 purely because the K7 is still being sold well into 2008 (at time of updating March '08) Only the UK and Australia Suzuki still have the 1400 for sale in K7 guise, and Japan has the "Special Edition" model, as far as I'm aware the GSX1400 is not part of the official Suzuki 2008 line up.

油冷怪K7版在2008仍然暢銷, 目前只剩英國和澳洲還有K7的新車可以買. 日本目前國內有"特別式樣板'. 但是GSX1400 目前並沒有列在SUZUKI 的正式產品線上, 所以市場上有即將停產之說.








Above The Blue & White GSX1400 models with twin exhausts (K2, K3 & K4)
Above and below is the full range of Blue & White model changes, changes of each year code consisted of different colour schemes which makes them instantly recognisable for the Blue/White models. The K2 and K3 B&W's had the sought after white wheels, K4 models on has Black wheels and red rear shock springs and red 1400 decals on the tail piece, also early B&W K4's had Suzuki written on the tank where as later B&W K4's just had the "S" Suzuki logo. Mechanically there was a few minor changes from K2 to K3, headstock bearings went from ball bearing to taper bearing type, rear shockers altered, K2 had a grey nylon type ring around the spring preload, though both shared the silver springs. The lights were later hard wired with no on off switch for the K3 on and replaced with a hazard light switch. K4 is the first twin can model to be mentioned in the brochure to be fitted with catalyst exhausts.

上面你看到的, 有雙排氣管的藍白油冷怪(K2, K3 & K4). 每一年的藍白油冷怪, 油箱花色都不一樣, 所以可以一眼就看出來是哪個年份. K2&K3 的輪框是白色的. K4開始就都改為黑色, 而且避震器改為紅色的彈簧, 車子的尾巴部分的GSX1400 字樣也改為紅色, 另外, 油箱的SUZUKI 廠徽 , 也改為只有一個"S".
K2 本來有大燈切換開關 , 但是K3以降, 改為超車燈.

GSX1400 Major Upgrades for 2005 (K5 on)
The most noticeable cosmetic change for the GSX1400 came for the K5 onwards in the form of a 4 into 1 catalyst exhaust system, also the GSX1400 had a immobiliser (Suzuki Advanced Immobiliser System), A transponder "chip" in the Ignition key, The needles on the Speedometer and Tachometer are now translucent and glow in the dark!. The Fuel injection system was also remapped for the (horrifyingly large!!) new catalyst exhaust system nicknamed "Bazooka". Thankfully Suzuki introduces the "Dual Oval Yoshimura" exhaust can in spring 2006 as a dealer fit option as part of the "Final Edition" (FE) range of the K6 1400's. Note- some 'new old stock' K5 models also became available under the FE range though not an official FE, Another change came in the for of the Diagnostic connector, which went from 2 pin to 4 pin K5 onwards, click on the FAQ's & Fault Codes page for more details on how to access fault codes.

2005 年以後的大改款, 最明顯的就是排氣管的變更. 從K5以後, 雙排改單排. 並且加了 晶片防盜鎖. 儀表版的指針也改為夜光的指針. 在外國也有配備YOSHIMURA管的"最終版". 當然這個"最終版"並不是真正的"最終"的意思.

This is the latest offering on the global Suzuki web site unveiled at the Tokyo motor show billed as "GSX1400 Special Edition". Presuming this will the K8 model. After checking with Suzuki websites all around Europe, Australia and Japan, only the UK and Australia have the GSX1400 listed in 2008 though still in K7 guise. It is unclear as yet when the 1400 will no longer be for sale in the UK, the K6 was set to be the last in 2006 but then in 2007 the K7 was introduced, I very much doubt we shall see the "Special Edition" K8 in the UK as we already have had the "Final Edition" in K6 and K7 versions.

2008 東京車展亮相的 GSX1400 SPECIAL EDITION. 如果將來有K8的話, 那應該就是長這個樣子. 目前所知, 2008年只有英國和噢洲有K8的 新車, 但是仍然是 K7式樣.
所以目前GSX1400 有可能K7是最後一年發行. GSX1400 的車壇傳奇可能將跨入歷史.