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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Pilot Road
pilot road 官方介紹

Remarkable wet grip
Unsurpassed high-speed stability

Heat, rain, cold – in virtually any conditions, the Michelin Pilot Road and its 100% silica-charged tread compound won’t let weather get in the way of your ride. The front tire’s rounded profile offers progressive steering response, and the advanced casing design tackles rough roads easily. The Michelin Pilot Road strikes the ideal balance between tread life and performance, while affording an exceptional quality/price ratio. It’s the ideal tire for your Fazer, Bandit or VFR.

Usage Performance

Freeway :
5 stars

Road :
5 stars

Urban :
4 stars

昨天我在福輪換的這個輪胎. 2000元~ 爽啦